Claire Grace: 18 months

Claire Grace is one spunky little girl. She amazes us every single day. We never know what she is going to come up with and truly can't believe she is already 18 months old. We are constantly telling her to "get down" because she is always climbing. This has turned into her telling cats, whether in real life or on tv, to "dit down" over and over. We think she's cute and she knows it! Speaking of cats, Claire loves them. All of them! She loves real cats, cats on her socks, her cat necklace, stuffed cats, and animated cats. She talks about her Yaya's cats and asks everyday to watch "cats" (Aristocats). Her favorite part of that movie is when its time for Thomas O'Malley Alley Cat song. She only sings the part about "alley cat" but it is cute and we sing it a lot. We also sing Jesus Loves Me, Up on the House Top, You are my Sunshine, Little Bunny Foo Foo, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. She knows little parts here and there in each song but I think Judson and I would both agree its the cutest when she asks for the "Mitsubishi spider". We have a hard time not laughing every time she makes that request! We catch her singing all the time. Sometimes it is with music but she also sings all on her own.


This girl knows so many words! She has started putting words together to get what she wants or tell her story. We are always impressed.  I think my favorite phrase is "bess you" when I sneeze. I got this on video once and I could easily watch it on repeat all day long. People often try to talk to her or get her to talk to them but she isn't really into it yet. She is real shy and I kind of love that about her. Her favorite way to stall bedtime is by asking for different songs or asking about every single person she knows. Our constant response is "they went night night" and she continues naming names just to be sure no one is still awake. It is fun to listen to her list off all of her grandparents, cousins, uncles, and all of the animals she knows. Luckily, once we get her to sleep she pretty much stays that way until morning. She still sleeps about half the time in her crib and half the time right between mom and dad. My most recent favorite sleeping habit is when she randomly shouts out words in her sleep like cat and Minnie.




She loves Minnie Mouse. Give her all the Minnie Mouse things and she will match them with her cat things! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been something that she watched from pretty early on and she still enjoys it. She can count to ten! We are amazed by this again and again. Claire frequently asks to "callow!" Usually when she decides it is time to color its because she's seen someone else writing or coloring. Her request is loud and persistent. She loves animals. Her Grandad has a baby lamb that is being bottle fed and Claire thinks that she needs to be the one to feed that baby every afternoon. She says "milk bady" over and over and sometimes cries when we can't go because it is too cold. She loves the baby lamb and I love that she calls it "bady". She's honestly getting really good at holding the bottle and the little lamb likes to follow Claire around. They have a really sweet bond. She also loves her puppy Pearl so much and lovingly refers to her as Pearl Girl.

We can't get enough of all of the sweet random kisses and cute ways that Claire mispronounces words. I write them down so I can always remember this time in our life. Sometimes it is complete chaos around our house but I wouldn't have it any other way! My goal for 2018 is to spend as much time as possible with Claire, even if that means holding her during naps or playing in her room while I should be cleaning. She is the sweetest little girl and I am so glad that God gave her to us.


Goodbye, October

Oh, October, you are my favorite month. The kickoff of the festive exciting months. The time when there is a touch of crispness in the air. The month when no one can judge you any longer for all of those pumpkins on your porch or baking pumpkin pie. October is the month we get to celebrate our life together! The third was our second wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that is has only been two years because I have a hard time remembering life before this little family of mine.

This October was a little different because in the mix of chaos with work events, a new puppy (Pearl), and wrangling Claire; Wise County was the host of NACo RAC Symposium 2017. We had elected officials from all over the United States visiting our county to discuss rural issues. It was truly a wonderful event! I'm so proud of my husband and all of the outstanding work he does for our community. He makes me strive to be a better public servant. To know him is special but to be his wife is the greatest blessing.

We have officially had Pearl for a whole month. She may end up being the death of me. She wreaks havoc on my house constantly but then she will come snuggle down in my blanket and I love her all over again. I think eventually I will probably be crazy over her but right now she just makes me crazy!

The Peach, where do I begin? This girl of ours is so smart. She counts to THREE already! She says so many words. She is constantly getting into trouble or trying to get Pearl in trouble. She is the sweetest little lady. I'm always waiting for a sweet kiss or a mischievous grin. Claire Grace is all girl! She loves wearing all of her bracelets and necklaces. She loves animals. She loves listing off all her cousin's names. Claire is 15 months old. She LOVED Halloween. She would walk up and say "treat"! She walked right up to houses not scared at all. This year her costume was the fox and the hound. She was a whimsical little fox with a wild hound dog as her sidekick. We went for a homemade costume this year and I couldn't be more proud of how well it turned out. She is still a great eater and weighed 21 pounds at her last checkup. She is a skinny little think, still wearing clothes from 6 to 12 months sizing. She still sleeps all night and loves her bath time. Claire Grace is our greatest treasure. I can't wait to hug her every afternoon.



It's officially the holidays and I sure love it! We have some busy work weeks ahead but I'm looking forward to getting some extra quality time with my sweet family.


Geeslin Family Pictures

For Christmas my brothers and I gave our parents a family photo session. We seriously haven't taken real family pictures (other than weddings) since I was still in elementary school! We though now that we are married and have children that they would really enjoy having some new photos of everyone together to display in their home. It was a great way to get together and spend the afternoon hanging out with each other because we hardly ever find the time except during the holidays. So here is a little sneak peek of our fun day in the Fort Worth Stockyards!

It is hard getting clothes together and matching without being too match-y but I think we did pretty good! We all waited until the last minute and felt stressed but I am so pleased with the way all of our pictures turned out. All of the kids had individual portraits taken and each family had their pictures done. I'm having a hard time choosing because I love them all! Special thanks to Mack and Chelsea at McGowan images. They did such a wonderful job capturing our family!


Claire Grace: 8 months

My girl isn't quite so tiny anymore and these pictures are getting more and more difficult to get. She is still pretty small but she acts like she is so big! She is really getting quite the personality. She is very affectionate but she only gives kisses when it is her idea. If you ask, you probably will not get a kiss. She is so happy to see Judson and I in the afternoons when we get home from work. She is extremely fond of babies, whether it is because she sees herself in the mirror, a baby on a magazine or the tv, or seeing other babies while we are out. She loves babies!

Claire Grace has been crawling for a while now. She has also been pulling up very well for the last month. She can go all over the room using furniture to hold herself up. We have see her stand without holding on about 4 times this month! Heaven help us because I don't know if I am ready for her to be walking just yet! However, I really feel that it will be soon.

She has been loving being outside lately. We have been having the most beautiful weather this is almost summer like in Texas. It has been a very mild winter and now it is the end of March and all of our trees and flowers are blooming. Claire is so happy to just sit and play in her outdoor play pen. I'm thinking that was probably a really smart purchase. We love that it has a canopy so we don't have to worry about mosquitos and wasps that are already out.

This girl is still one GREAT eater! She loves everything. The month some new foods for her were a donut hole, lasagna, Brussel sprouts, and marshmallows. She prefers whatever we are having and that makes it pretty great so that we don't have to fix more than one meal. She still only has one tooth and she loves to bite you with it!

She jabbers and chatters all day long. She squeals and giggles and swings her arms up and down when she is excited or proud of herself. She waves at people to get their attention and she knows to wave when we say "hi" and "bye bye". She likes for you to help her stand on her hands. She thinks that is so silly when you turn her upside down. If you accidently scare her she doesn't get upset but just gives you a quizzical look and then smiles after realizing it is just someone she knows.

She is our favorite part of everyday. She smiles so big when she wakes up and fights us so hard before falling asleep. We love her more than words. I can't even remember what life was like without her. Happy 8 months to our Claire Grace!